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Sun X5 LED Nail Lamp (80W)

Sun X5 LED Nail Lamp (80W)

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4 timer modes & automatic on to hear all pain problems treated by the solidified gel. The UV LED nail lamp becomes the smart system, auto-sensor to switch on and off without pressing a button.

Fast drying and long-lasting, safe UV / LED gel for nails to dry with our 80W UV lamp for nails takes only 10 seconds and shorten your curing time by 70% compared to the Amit lamp Weimit lamp with double wavelength of 365 -405nm, does not damage eyes or skin, up to 5 years of continuous operation.

Suitable for all gel nail polishes and resins: The UV nail light can be quickly applied to all nail gels, such as UV therapy gel, extend gel, LED nail polish gel, hard builder gel, sculpture gel, gemstone glue, etc. All top coat and coat for Gel polish, including nail UV glue, builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gemstone glue and LED nail gel.

Easy to use: Removable magnetic reflective plate, more convenient for toenail healing and cleaning, large LCD picture to show the curing time, convenient to use the gel nail polish bright UV dryer.


1. Do not clean the LEDs with acidic decisions as these can fade the light and preserve the effects of the LEDs.
2. Do not leave water or other damage inside the machine, to be heard of machine malfunction.



Item Type: Nail Dryer
Model: SUN X5 Plus
Color: White
Material: ABS
Lamp Beads: 36pcs UV/LED beads
Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output:DC12V -4A
Dual light source: 365nm+405nm.
Time:10s/30s/60s/99s optional




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