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Wax Snap Bars

VIP House Of Soak And Bloom Collection is now Live! Over 20 choices and scents of Wax and luxurious Bath & Body Products to fulfil your relaxing pleasures…Check it out you won’t be disappointed!

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Story Behind The Business

In 2020 when the first lockdown happened I wanted to do something new, something different  and something that I could be proud of.  I’ve always loved my Beauty and Fashion and have always been a girly girl...I went online and did some research and started putting ideas together and making a plan of things I loved, what I wanted to do and goals I wanted to make a reality and achieve and it was from that day that my ideas started to grow even more and I was manifesting with lots of

late nights of all these dreams I wanted to do I started of small selling at first and then it was becoming bigger and better and I had more interest then I had ever imagined at the very beginning and so 3 years ago I went on to setting up a website and opening up an Affiliate Programme and that is when Thornton's VIP Princess Boutique was born and became official! The Company has grown so much over the past 3 years, we've had so many new Product and Collection Launches such as our Boutique, Crystals, Bath and Body Range, Russian Lashes and a big one being EJ’s Blue Collection created after my little boy Ezra and so much more... We have even been lucky enough to be able to launch our very own Branded Cosmetics which is a massive achievement for me, as some of you may be aware of our famous Luxury VIP Beauty Blender one of our customers favourites from our VIP Collection, being able to launch my very own Cosmetics line is honestly a dream come true never in a million years did I ever think I’d get to that point but I am so grateful! A huge great thank you to our evergrowing VIP Sisterhood too because of you we are able to keep on growing day by day and expanding the Company even further. It’s amazing and wholesome to see so many people enjoying and loving my Company as much as me! What started out as a small hobbie to now being an official Company with an Affiliate Programme honestly makes me feel so proud to see my next goal is to make this my full time job so I can be a full time stay at home mummy to my little boy and be able to provide for my Family without having to leave them to go to work everyday. I will forever be grateful to have been given this oppourtunity in the Beauty and Fashion industy and to get to share my love and passion with others and I just can’t wait to

see how far we end up and the new achievements achieved along the way…I know things like this are a long road but I am willing to take the road for as long as needed as I am determined to reach the finish line and say I made it! Thank you so much to each and every single one of you that has supported me so far in my journey and I hope that you will continue to follow and support me as things are only going to get much bigger and better from here and you definetly do not want to miss out, I’ve only just started! 

Love Kaitlin Thornton, Owner at Thornton's VIP Princess Boutique X

  • Marshmallow Sponges

    The most softest and bounciest Beauty Sponge you didn’t even know you needed!

  • Russian Strip Lashes

    Yes you heard us right, Stop paying those hefty salon prices girlies...We’ve got you covered!

  • Crystal Towers

    We cater for all your healing needs with a range of stunning Crystals, A selection of different types to choose from.

  • Keyrings

    If your obsessed with fancy accessories to go on your keys like us then you’ll love our range of keyrings! Personalised and Resin options available….Check it out!