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🌟 Meet Our Leadership Team 🌟

👑 CEO - Kaitlin Thornton
Kaitlin Thornton, the heart and soul of Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique, founded this Company with a dream to create a better life for her family. My passion for beauty and fashion is reflected in the affordable products I bring to our community. With a dedication to work from home and cherish moments with my family, Kaitlin has built not just a Business but a community that resonates with her teenage dreams and some amazing friendships with people I have met through the Business. Grateful for the overwhelming response and progress over the past 4 years, Kaitlin looks forward to many more exciting years with Thornton’s. A heartfelt thank you to all our followers and supporters for turning her dreams into reality. Here's to love, dreams, and Thornton’s!

🌸 Admin 1 - Toni Melvin
Toni Melvin, our dedicated Admin, plays a crucial role in nurturing the growth of Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique. Passionate about seeing our team blossom, Toni brings a wealth of support and enthusiasm to her role. Her commitment to making Thornton’s a special place shines through, making her an integral part of our journey.

💖 Admin 2 - Amelia Jayne
Amelia Jayne beautifully captures the essence of Thornton’s, viewing it not just as a Company but as a home and safe place – a family. Amelia's sentiment reflects the unique bond within our community. With her warmth and dedication, she contributes to making Thornton’s more than just a Business; it's a place where hearts connect.

Together, Kaitlin, Toni, and Amelia form the backbone of Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique, creating a space that goes beyond Business, fostering love, passion, and a sense of belonging. Thank you for being part of our journey!💖

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