New Payment Policy PayPal And Bank Deposit Only Where Possible

New Payment Policy for Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique PayPal And Bank Deposit

At Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique, we strive to provide our customers with a seamless and efficient shopping experience. To enhance the speed of order processing and dispatch, we encourage our valued customers to opt for PayPal or Bank Deposit as their preferred payment methods whenever possible.

Advantages of PayPal and Bank Deposit:

1. Instant Funds Reception: Payments made through PayPal and Bank Deposit allow us to receive the funds instantly, enabling us to proceed with order processing promptly.

2. Quicker Processing and Dispatch: Opting for PayPal or Bank Deposit ensures a faster turnaround time for your orders, as we can initiate the processing and ordering of stock immediately.

How to Use Bank Deposit:

- Choose Bank Deposit as your payment option during the checkout process.
- You won’t incur any additional charges when selecting Bank Deposit.
- After placing your order, you will receive payment details to complete the bank transfer.
- Once your payment is received, your order will be marked as paid in our system.

Benefits for Customers:

- Seamless Order Placement: Experience a straightforward order placement process on our website.
- No Additional Charges: Bank Deposit comes with no extra fees, providing a cost-effective payment alternative.
- Faster Order Processing: Enjoy quicker processing and dispatch times for your orders.

By embracing these preferred payment methods, we can collectively contribute to a more efficient process as paying by debit/credit card takes up to 7 working days for the Company to receive the funds meaning that’s a whole week we can’t do anything with your order.

By paying with these two methods where possible is a win-win situation for both Thornton’s VIP Princess Boutique and our valued customers.

**Terms and Conditions:**
Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on 06/01/2024 and are subject to regular checks. By placing an order on our website, you acknowledge and accept our terms and conditions as well as our Company policies.