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In 2020 when the first lockdown happened I wanted to do something new, something different and something that I could be proud of and say “Yeahh! I created that, that’s my Business right there!”🙌

I’ve always wanted to own my own Business as I were that person that would join Company’s as an Affiliate but it never used to work out for me very well as I just couldn’t settle or enjoy it, I wanted to do something of my own and work for myself..something I had a passion for and loved. I have always loved my Beauty and Fashion, being a girly girl has always been me…but what girl isn't right? I went online and did some research and started putting ideas together and making a plan of things I loved and wanted to do. Seeing it all being planned out just inspired me even more and gave me that extra nudge and one day I just said to myself right let’s do it girl! What are you waiting for? Let’s go make this a reality and go get them girl! It we’re then from that day that my ideas started to grow even more and I was up till early hours most of the time putting my visions together and getting things all set up to successfully make my dreams happen!☁️✨

I started of small selling at first on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Tiktok. It were becoming surprisingly popular and I had more interest then I had ever imagined at the very beginning 3 years ago. I then went on to setting up a website for a smoother and much more convenient way of operating and then a few months later after getting a rapidly good response so quickly I decide to open up an Affiliate Programme offering a simple work from home opportunity for other Queens to share the love online just like me! And that is when Thornton's VIP Princess Boutique were born and became Official!🎉

The Company has grown so much over the past now 4 years in countless ways. We've had so many new Product and Collection Launches such as our Boutique, VIP Soak and Bloom, Russian Lashes and a big special one that is very close to my heart being EJ’s Blue Collection created and named after my little boy Ezra and so much more...We have even been lucky enough to be able to launch our very own Branded Cosmetics which is a massive achievement for me, as some of you may be aware of our famous Luxury VIP Beauty Blender one of our customers favourites from our VIP Collection. Being able to launch my very own Cosmetics line is honestly a dream come true never in a million years did I ever think I’d get to that point but here we are…I am super grateful and hopefully one day our Cosmetics will be sold in High Street Cosmetic Stores.🛍️

We are continuously branching out and offering a larger variety of products and services. I must be honest, starting up my own Business were hard and so I wanted to also do something that would also help other Small Businesses as I love to support other fellow Small Business Owners to! Getting your Business set up, Designing your Logo and Content and getting a website set up is very time consuming and incredible hard work and I wanted to offer an affordable service like this within our Company to support fellow Small Business Owners. With my partner being a qualified Graphic Designer and qualified in Business Studies and my love for design work, we had a chat and put the ideas together and decided to create a Sister Company called K&C Designzz with Thornton's VIP Princess Boutique offering Digital Designs and Small Business Supplies. We offer services such as Logo’s, Social Media Content, Website Design and lots more all at a budget friendly price!🔥

It’s amazing and wholesome to see the support and massive response that we have had and I will always be eternally grateful for all of the love, it’s not always about the sales it’s just so rewarding seeing so much interest and love towards my Business something that I created. It makes me feel so loved and proud and just reminds me that all the nights shifts and hard work and long hours is 110% worth it!

What started out as a small hobbie to now being an Official Company with an Affiliate Program of over 70 Affiliates and an evergrowing team of such lovely individuals is so amazing to see..the growth from where we started to now!💕

My next goal is to make this my full time job and get a unit so I can be a full time stay at home mummy to my little boy and be able to provide more for my Family without having to leave them to go to work everyday. They are my reason and inspiration in life and I hope to make them proud. I will forever be grateful to have been given this oppourtunity and to get to share my love and passion with others and provide an amazing ever-growing Collection of beautiful Products for everyone! I am super excited to see how far we end up in another few years to come and all the new achievements that will happen along the way. I know things like this are a long road but I am willing to walk down that road no matter how hard it may get as I am dedicated to reaching that line one day and be a huge well known operating Company and say I made it above a building with my name on it!😍🙌

Thank you so much to each and every single one of you that has supported me so far in my journey and I hope that you will continue to follow and support me as things are only going to get much bigger and better from here and you definitely do not want to miss out, We’ve only just started, see you there my VIP Queens!👑🩷

Love always, The CEO at Thornton's VIP Princess Boutique💋X

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