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Revolution 8 Colours Eyeshadow Palette – Under Your Spell

Revolution 8 Colours Eyeshadow Palette – Under Your Spell

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A set of 8 unique eye shadows. Appropriately selected colors, allows you to create many classic and evening make-up. Creamy texture, apply well to the brush, spreads and rubs on the skin. It gives the possibility of obtaining soft tonal transitions. Perfect for Halloween make-ups. The high level of color saturation makes each shadow unique. The palette has been enriched with a rectangular mirror.

  • A palette of 8 eye shadows.
  • Intense color saturation.
  • Soft creamy consistency.
  • Easy application.

– SORCERY – copper (metallic).
– CHERMED – gold (metallic).
– BEWITCHED – dirty red with a hint of pink (metallic).
– ENCHANTED – cream with a hint of red and gold (satin-pearl).
– SIRENS SONG – sea color with golden particles (satin).
– MAGIC SPELL – peach with golden particles (satin).
– VOODOO DOLL – lilac with silver particles (satin).
– LOVE POTION – pink with silver particles (satin).

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