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Nail Foil Glue

Nail Foil Glue

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Nail Art Foil Glue Gel helps you transfer the foil sticker's pattern easily and quickly. Allows you DIY your unique nail art.
Requires drying under UV or LED Lamp (Cure times vary per lighting system).
BEFORE APPLYING ALWAYS TAKE A SKIN TEST WITH A DROP AND WAIT FOR MINUTES TO CHECK ANY ALLERGIES. Remove immediately if redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur.
Warm Tips: Be careful when using it, keep the nail foil glue far away from children and pets; If you accidentally pour the glue on your skin, please DON'T tear it, just wipe it with acetone nail polish remover.

Value Large Capacity 15ml * to be used with nail foil
How to apply: 

1. Apply AIMEILI Base Coat, cure under UV lamp for 1 min, LED light for 30 secs.
(Optional) Apply AIMEILI color coat, cure under UV lamp for 2 mins, LED light for 30-60 secs. Apply second coat, then cure.
3. Apply a thin layer of AIMEILI Nail Art Foil Glue Gel and cure it under UV lamp for 1-2 mins, LED light for 30-60 secs.
4. Press the foil sticker evenly and repeatedly.
5. Peel the sticker off slowly and stick back to the parts missed.
6. Apply AIMEILI No Wipe Top Coat, cure under UV lamp for 2 mins, LED light for 60 secs.


1. May cause ALLERGIC REACTION. Please take SKIN TEST every time before doing manicure. Discontinue using immediately once feeling uncomfortable.
2. Please DO NOT apply gel polish to nails that damaged or infected.3. Please DO NOT over file down the nail plates or scrap off old polish with a sharp tool!
4. To protect cuticle/nails, please apply cuticle oil to nail after finishing manicure. Frequently use the cuticle oil to massage nail surface would be recommended.


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