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Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner & Eyelashes Set (4) Fleeky Bishh

Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner & Eyelashes Set (4) Fleeky Bishh

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Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner&Magentic Eyelashes
Eyelashes Material: Handmade Faux Mink Hair
Eyeliner: Contails Ultra-fine Magnetic Particles,you feel completely natural.
Length:about 1~1.4cm


1.No Glue Needed eyelashes,Convenient and easy to go.

2.Stay put all day,it's easily removed and repositioned.

How to use?
1.Shake the eyeliner bottle 10 times first
2.Draw the Eyeliner as daily in 2-3coats and wait lt to dry for 2-5minutes
3.Carefully Remove the Lashes with Rubber Head Tweezer Out of Kit box
4.Measure the 3/4 Width of your lashes and trim to suitable length and width
5.Gently place the mag-netic lashes on eyelid .lashes and effortlessly "cliicks"to the eye-liner
6.Allow the lash to adhere to the mag-netic eyeliner and adjust the lashes to fit your eye curve

wear tips:
the second and thirdd coat could enhance the magnet to stay the lashes for whole day. wait a few seconds until the magnetic eyeliner become tacky,but not wet or dry.if you like drama look ,you can finish with mascara

Package Included:
1 PC Magentic Liquid Eyeliner
3/5Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes
1 PC tweezers

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