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Luxury Glitter Loose Pigment Powders -Various Shades

Luxury Glitter Loose Pigment Powders -Various Shades

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For use of face, body & nails this luxurious collection features four tempting pigments which are packed with colour, glitz and sparkle which leave a beautiful mirror finish when applied to nails or skin. Our never seen before pigments will add a fresh pop of sparkle to any look you create, where only a small amount is needed to create maximum impact. 


Shades Available:

Herold Gold

Auden Bronze

Florentine Copper

Mabel Red


Item Specifications:

Photographs exquisitely.

Suitable for face & body.

Easy appliance.

X1 5g cosmetic pot (5g capacity) 

Suitable for all skin types and tones. 


How to use on NAILS:

1st step- prepare nails (file, clean by alcohol and prepare with primer)

2nd step- Base Coat (cure UV or LED)

3rd step - use GEL POLISH COLOR (Black or different for different effect) (cure LED or UV lamp)

4th step - use JUST NO WIPE TOP COAT (if you will use simple TOP COAT - you won't get the same results like on our pictures)- CURE IN LAMP

5th step - apply powder by tool attached

6th step - take of excess of powder (egz. by lint free pad)

7th step - finish with NO WIPE TOP COAT- CURE IN LAMP

How to use on EYES: 

1st step - apply a tacky base onto your eyes, to get the pigment to adhere well (we recommend using a concealer, or adhesive).

2nd step - using fingers or a brush pat the product down onto your eyelid to create desired effect.

3rd step - finish with brushing any access pigment away, and watch your eyes sparkle all day & night.

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