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Eveline Oh My Lips Chili Volumizing Lip Gloss Lip Maximizer

Eveline Oh My Lips Chili Volumizing Lip Gloss Lip Maximizer

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Eveline Lip Maximizer with innovative formula based on Volume Maximize technology and an extract from peppers accelerates microcirculation and dilates blood vessels. In addition, in the composition of lip gloss Oh My Lips contain hyaluronic acid, ginger extract, capsaicin, vitamins and natural oils of jojoba, avocado, macadamia, hemp and castor. Thanks to their content, the lips are also softened and nourished, and their natural colour underlined. Eveline lip gloss for lip gloss gives a slight tingling sensation, which is the effect of the active ingredients. Lip gloss with hyaluronic acid, Strongly stimulates microcirculation of the lips, which immediately increase their volume, Regenerates and smoothes lips, Has a pleasant smell.

A painless, non-invasive lip plumper and gloss that uses natural components to make the lips expand by the effect of the microcirculation, which promotes the expansion of the capillaries of lip. 

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